Well, there’s a huge subject, right there!

wild exmoor ponies

We constantly hear the same comments from our guests; how incredibly relaxed and fulfilled they feel after one of our walks in the beautiful Exmoor countryside. The wide open spaces, vast skies and gentle exercise combined with feeling safe and looked after seem to be a winning combination!

There is something glorious about striding confidently along without a care in the world, heading out into the wilderness with a guide that you trust, and if that is combined with some local knowledge, a little foraging, and a line or two of pertinent prose then how good is that! (We can leave out the literary connections if you prefer, but the likes of Coleridge and Blackmore really bring out the Exmoor landscape in words…..amazing!)

It’s also rather incredible to feel that those huge views haven’t changed in over 150 years when they were standing exactly where you are, walking these same footpaths and undoubtedly having similar thoughts and concerns.

Moorland walking
viewing a planet from Exmoor

Our night walks out into the dark skies area of Exmoor National Park are similarly grounding.            Lie down in the heather, gaze up at the heavens above your head as the stars slowly come out and the sky turns a deep dark velvet and you can’t fail to feel your worries melt away. We all feel very, very small in comparison to the scale of the universe and that’s actually quite a positive feeling!

Combine all that with a mulled wine around our firepit and some gentle conversation with like-minded people and you have an evening to remember.

If the night is clear enough to use our telescopes then you are really in for a treat. Those Exmoor skies reveal all sorts of detail and the planets are often on view…….we could recently catch Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in a single night!

use our telescope for stargazing

We run walks throughout the year, and are “good to go” with our covid precautions….the English tourist board standards are carefully upheld both with food and wine preparation and at the events themselves.

Please email or phone to book onto our next available event.