A little bit of information about the wild ponies  in  Exmoor National Park!

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Exmoor pony

Wild ponies of Exmoor

exmoor ponies at Dunkery Beacon

The free living ponies on Exmoor are completely unique to the area, carefully bred and even DNA tested to ensure that the bloodlines remain pure. This is why their colouring and build is so similar across the breed, unlike the ponies of Dartmoor and the New Forest.

There are 20 herds today, running on 20 separate commons within the National Park.

Locations are The Chains, Brendon, Barbrook, Countisbury, Exe plain, County Gate, Simonsbath area, Molland, Sandyway, Withypool, Winsford Hill, Dunkery Gate , Cloutsham, Webbers Post,Haddon Hill and North Hill above Minehead. So you are never far from a herd on Exmoor!

Some ponies are tamer than others but it is really important to keep a safe distance away, especially if they have foals with them as they can be very protective. We don’t want them to become too used to humans as they are then more vulnerable to injury with traffic etc.

wild pony gathering

Join in a wild pony gathering!

Every autumn the Exmoor Pony Gatherings take place, and there is no more stirring sight than a herd of these stoical little beasts coming charging into the yard off the moor. With a little research you can even help with this, and can certainly enjoy watching the spectacle from a safe distance. Contact the  secretary@exmoorponysociety.org.uk   for dates for the gatherings and details of Exmoor ponies for sale.

The ponies are then health checked, wormed and the colt foals separated off for sale as potential riding or driving ponies.

exmoor pony head

You can help to preserve our native Exmoor ponies

The Moorland Mousie trust was formed in 1998 to protect the moor bred Exmoor ponies, and still exists today providing a specialist start for foals arriving off the moor. The Exmoor Pony Centre runs excellent “meet the pony” events and takes out rides so do have a look at www.exmoorponycentre.org.uk

All income goes to support this beautiful breed.

The centre is running a great competition for the Exmoor pony society centenary Year, with classes for photography, painting, sculpture and handicrafts. Closing date 31st October 2020 so why not nip across to their website and have a go….I have!

wild exmoor ponies