Exmoor  Story Walks

 A series of exmoor walks that can be spread over a long weekend, or taken in isolation.

Would you like to hear the story of our infamous Lorna Doone, told whilst walking in the very footsteps of R.D.Blackmore and his eponymous heroine?

Or to learn the sad story of little Anna Maria Burgess, who lived near Simonsbath. She disappeared one day in mysterious circumstances…. only the tenacity of the local Parson revealed her murderer.

Or  visit Porlock Weir and Culbone church, and experience the countryside and the views that inspired Samuel Taylor Coleridge to write such poems as The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan.

Exmoor Inspires!

A fabulous guided walk showcasing the prettiest Exmoor scenery .

We start at the quaint harbour village of Porlock weir and walk up through Culbone woods to the smallest church in England. Coleridge himself would sit and listen to the sermon from these little bench pews.

We then follow a loop of the famous Southwest Coast path with spectacular views from the high cliffs out to sea and wend our way back to Porlock weir for a proper Somerset Cream Tea. Alternatively a few pints at the Old Ship Inn and a supper of fish and chips have been truly earnt!

Lorna Doone walk Great Black Hill

 Lorna Doone and Badgeworthy Water

Lorna Doone, R.D. Blackmore’s romance of Exmoor

Our Lorna Doone walk can be extended to last for a full day, or shortened as required. There is great satisfaction to be had in visiting the haunts of “the girt Jon Ridd” and his beautiful bride, Lorna . You can imagine the famous author scribbling away whilst staying at the ancient inn where we can have lunch.

A cream tea at the old farmhouse that must have inspired Mr Blackmore to picture the Ridd’s isolated farm in the 19th century will just round off the day nicely!

  Simonsbath and Cow castle

A relatively easy but spectacular walk along the river Barle.

We stop for a while at Wheal Elisa to hear the sorry tale of little Anna Maria Burgess, whose body was found down a mine shaft here. Her story is told as we walk the trail that her father would have taken, past the iron age hill fort of Cow Castle and  look out over the view unchanged in hundreds of years.
There is a good chance of spotting deer in this vast area of gently sweeping moorland and the countryside is classic Exmoor….the bright and bubbling river Barle is framed by ancient Exmoor beech hedges and woodland in parts, expansive sheep pasture in others.

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