Learn to map read

Smart phones and their like are incredibly useful in their place, but are prone to run out of battery or fail to find a signal at the most inconvenient times. Well I remember standing in the fog on the lower slopes of Dunkery with my i phone compass spinning randomly in a circle, telling me nothing. The dog was intent on extending his walk rather than finding our way home and I was very relieved that I knew the paths and the area so well that once I had established the direction of slope and turned resolutely downhill, ignoring my faithful friend, I found my way back to the car . Never again will I trust to technology!

We run weekend and day courses where you will learn to use a compass to read a map and navigate confidently, even in an entirely new location. You will learn how to walk in a straight line, even in thick fog, and how to plot your whereabouts on a map using local landmarks.

We then go out for several walks, using your newfound knowledge to navigate the group in various different situations of your choice. Some will prefer to stick to marked foot and bridlepaths, whilst others will like to feel confident striking off across the moor for an experience of one of the few remaining wildernesses in England.

This course can be teamed with your choice of accommodation…..one of our two  cottages,a local Bunk Barn,Camping, Exford youth hostel, The White Horse Hotel, Exford or The Crown Hotel, Exford. We can happily recommend a number of B and B guesthouses in the area as well.

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We have to be honest, sometimes it rains on Exmoor.    But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Go for a walk anyway!

There are some fabulous, steamy walks along the rivers and streams of Exmoor, where bad weather is actually a bonus. Generally leafy and well drained underfoot, we can advise on where to go or provide a guided walk at very reasonable cost, and definitely recommend a good pub or tea stop to reward you for venturing out….dogs welcome of course!

Rainy Day Courses

Join us at Spindrift Barn, adjacent to our ancient Exmoor Farmhouse. We offer a number of different options for any size of group, from just you to a maximum of 8 people.

fused glass birthday card
sourdough loaf

Rainy day/ Best of Exmoor courses

A winning combination of getting out into the countryside to gather equipment, and then coming back to our cosy barn to use your booty to create!  It could be
If some of your party would rather just sit by the woodburner and read for the afternoon, then that’s fine by us.

 Breadmaking, Bake an artisan loaf of sourdough or focaccia and  take home a skill that has been practiced in farmhouses for hundreds of years, could be the start of a new career!

 Watercolour painting, pen and ink…collect objects from nature for a still life or photograph a tree or a view and come back to the woodburner to paint a unique momento of your holiday. We also have chickens, sheep and an Exmoor pony to pose for you. All equipment supplied.

Fused Glass … make jewellery, coasters or  light catchers in a one day course, we will fire it overnight for you to collect and take home the next day, or post it to you.

Christmas Crafts Make Christmas decorations from fused glass. 1 or 2 day courses to make trinket trays or candle glasses.

Prices vary from £50 per person for a morning or an afternoon including coffee, tea and homemade cake, to £120 per person for a full day course including lunch, please phone to book and for further details. 01643 831 759

All of our courses include coffee , tea and homemade biscuits at elevenses, cake for tea. The full day or weekend courses may include homemade lunch at the barn or you can bring a picnic.

Fused Glass treasures
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