Sorry……no new photo to go with this one !

Too jolly stressed to even THINK about photography!!

I wanted to share an email sent by one of our guests at the latest Dark skies and Farmhouse Supper event…

Dear Jennie

Just a quick message to thank you both for a lovely evening (despite uncooperative stars and power).  We really enjoyed the experience.  Do keep me on your mailing list as I am sure we will join in again (especially if dinner is included as we were all really impressed with the lovely meal).  And the candlelight option was an enhancement too.

best wishes


So kind,

To explain,

We decided to come down off the moor as the cloud had well and truly come in, and we were reduced to “star spotting”, rather than stargazing! We decided to gamble on the skies clearing later (which they did, thank goodness) so we were rambling down the track picturing a relaxing evening with a hearty supper and plenty of mulled wine. We had just reached the edge of Court Copse when my phone rang, with Malcolm announcing that we had a power cut!

So this post is actually a huge thank you to my hubby for pulling it out of the bag….finding the old camping stove in the top barn in the dark, managing to light it without burning the house down, and welcoming us in with a smile on his face and a jug of mulled wine.

Dinner by candlelight was actually rather fabulous, thank goodness for an Aga, even though it is electric, it kept its heat enough to cook the apple and rhubarb crumble!

Thankyou so much to our lovely guests for being so understanding and appreciative…….until the next time!